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High Altitude Cookies

While visiting my newborn granddaughter (and her parents, of course) in India, I attempted to make some chocolate chip cookies for the gazing guests coming to welcome the wee one. I was not prepared for the results of my favorite … Continue reading

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When the world gives you duck eggs, make cookies, of course!

What a day for surprises! My first surprise. I had a record number of visitors to my blog on this day, all because of one post! Thanks for liking it. Update: 259 lattes to go in 44 days. My second … Continue reading

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Pumpkin Cookies

Fall means pumpkins!Whether you are carving them to illuminate or cooking with them, pumpkins are in season and signify autumn. A fierce competition is on for the world’s largest pumpkin and at the time of this writing farmer Ron Wallace … Continue reading

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Lemwiches and Lamentations

Is it possible to calculate the number of conscious choices a person makes each day starting from the first waking moment….to hit snooze or not? How many choices are made out of habit? Would those really be conscious habits or … Continue reading

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Cookies, Yolks and Modification

Well, someone has been out of the kitchen too long! Crazy time tonight (after getting home at 10:00 from a wonderful production at the community theater)! A new recipe was picked up somehow between going to the show and coming … Continue reading

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Pantry Raid #4 Cover Dish

Just because this is a food blog doesn’t mean there will always be a really cool recipe. Today’s post is more about “thawing” and “throwing” than anything else. Once a month there is a Wednesday night cover dish supper at … Continue reading

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