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V-8 Guacamole

Wow! I should have had a V-8! (which is what I thought I was making!) And, what’s up with green? I WILL make something in my Vita-Mix that is NOT green….. …….some day. I put the following in the Vita-Mix … Continue reading

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Guessing Game

Do you play the “story game?” You know, when you are with someone in a public place and you are “people watching.” You try to guess the current scene of the life story you are witnessing. Mystery abounds. Are they really who … Continue reading

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No Show

It’s not that something didn’t show up, it’s that when it did, well, I didn’t want to show you. Although a novice with my new toy, my adventurous creativity pushes me on to experimentation. Not being an artist atune to … Continue reading

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Going Green Again

So much talk and concentration surrounds the issue of “going green.” I’m trying to step in line. My second creation was a green smoothie, again. I’m writing this days after the event. Nope, I didn’t write down what I did. … Continue reading

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The New Toy

Who knew that an investigative visit to Costco would bring about a nutritious adoption? The sale wasn’t hard.  I’ve gone through at least a dozen blenders in my time. The Vita-Mix, commercial grade, was declared indestructible (if used according to … Continue reading

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