WORLD TRIP DAY 23-Morning tea time, road trip, dinner at The Tavern

All went well at the tea time for Bethany’s staff group at the school.  With many substitutions, I was able to make raisin scones with lemon (and lime) curd, mock devonshire cream, seasoned egg salad with olives and grated cheese, lemon squares and peanut butter cups (left over from the choir party).  I think I’ve sold a few more cookbooks (as soon as they are printed!).

After tea I had a bit of time to work on adding photos to yesterday’s post then I went down to the school’s main gate to meet Jill for a mountain road trip, by taxi…my blisters were rejoicing!  We went up to the highest point where a Hindu temple is.  If I had wanted to, I could have walked all the way up to the tmeple. But, hey, ……. ‘nuf sed!. Can you see the fence for the path?  I zoomed in as much as I could.  You can’t see how far down we are.   At the bottom there are many booths selling things for people to buy to give as sacrifices.  Here is a Hindu lady digging in her purse for money to buy something.  On the way to the temple, we stopped by Eco Park at a hotel cafe and had lunch.  Masala tea.  Bread. An Indian version of a hushpuppy in a green gravy with the curious salsa I keep  seeing.

 I believe it has turmeric in it.  For sure, lots of salt.  It is pickled veggies and/or fruits.  Then, as we paid the “large” bill for the two of us (about $3 US total), I encountered the ever present anise seeds and sugar!  Beginning to appreciate it.

After lunch we, Jill and I, used the “facilities.”   You know, when you think about it, this really is a cleaner way.  Just have to get your squat muscles in shape.  Tell me the purpose in having the door lock from the outside?  Glad again that I had tp in my bag.

We passed a number of people on the road along the way.  I tried to capture the valleys between the mountains, but the depth nor expanse translate on film.  Some of the people were women going home after collecting fodder for their animals all day.  They carried it on their heads.  Many young boys were on the side of the road offering newspaper cones filled with wild strawberries they had picked.  One mother and child appeared to be returning from washing clothes in a mountainside fountain.

We made it back to Inam, the tailor, and he did have my outfits ready!  Right now I am in Lyon’s Lounge while Bethany and Abe are at staff choir practice.  We are going down to the bazaar to The Tavern to eat dinner with some other Woodstock people.

Well, it is the next day and I’m just now finishing my post from yesterday.  We had a great time at The Tavern.  Stopped along the way to check on some shoes that Abe and Bethany are having made for his sister’s wedding this summer.  They just took a picture of what they want, got their foot drawn out and measured and picked out the material.  Now, if the shoes are ready in time for their trip.

The meal was wonderful and offered a bit of Chinese, as well as, Indian.  We were joined by two other staff people and a couple, previous long term staffers,  who have come to participate in graduation activities.


Top row from left: A view of the inside, Chinese sauces, Indian sauces, egg rolls;  middle row: roasted chicken (the best thing I’ve tasted here), chicken in red sauce, cubes of cheese in pureed spinach, “none” bread (don’t know how to spell it), bottom row: noodles and veggies, chicken in white sauce, warm lemon water for hand washing, and a curious drink menu.  Not sure how they decided on the Presybitarian whisky drink or the Goadfather drink?????

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  1. Mackenzie says:

    That food looks soooooo good! Can you bring some back for us? : )

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