WORLD TRIP DAY 22: Bazaar walking, shopping, craft night

Clocked about 8 miles today!   Great borrowed walking shoes except for the blisters on each foot.  Bandaids today!.  Jill, a staff person from Australia, and I walked down to the bazaar, shopped, ate lunch, had tea and cabbed back up to the school.  Not only did I enjoy the subjects of our conversation but the sound as well…love an Australian accent!  It was very helpful to have someone who KNOWS where things are and what things should cost.  On a visit to the bookstore, I bought a selection,”All the Way to Heaven,” that was written by a Woodstock grad, Stephen Alter, and famous writer from around the area.  I bought material for Indian outfits.  Took the material to the tailor who measured me and I’ll pick them up tomorrow!  It will be helpful to have these outfits to wear at the tea plantation in Darjeeling.  For now I’ve been wearing some of Bethany’s outfits and feeling very Indian.  Can’t seem to keep the sash in place, though.

A few sights of our walk.


(from right) Chocolate!!! Man carrying ‘frig and other things! Material store.  Fire extinguishers. Tibetan building. Organic store front owned  by parents of Woodstock students.

We had lunch at Madras Cafe.  The meal was something like a potato crepe with stuff inside.  It comes with three sauces: one hot that is curry flavored (no kidding), and two cold ones: a coconut-like creamy one and a red hot one.  I only got a tip on the edge of my crepe and I’m almost positive that the red hot one is made of habanero peppers!!! And chai to drink!  For the first time, I experienced the breath freshener served at the end.  Anise seeds and large grain sugar!

 We walked all the way down to what is called the Library Bazaar, because there is an old British Library that overlooks the area.  It wasn’t open (they have lunch from 1-2:00) but we got to go upstairs and look out over the bazaar.  I think Jill said there are only about 35 members.  Most of the books have been there since it opened in the 1800’s.  We aren’t sure what the two workers do there.

We walked up a steep side road to see the church which has been recently renovated.  It is built in the shape of a cross and has beautiful stained glass.  The caretaker let us in.  One of the pulpits/lecterns I found quite interesting.  Again, fresh flowers.  I enjoy seeing fresh flowers everywhere.  While we were up that far, we went on up to a “palace” hotel.  It was quite impressive.  I was not allowed to take any pictures of the restaurant or rooms, but I did get the entrance area.

Teatime at a nice restaurant at the Library Bazaar.  I had a large bottled water! and a Mango drink, called a lassi.  Again, we were served the anise seed and sugar.  This time the seeds and sugar were separated in sections of the plate.  I guess that’s a sign of a higher quality restaurant!

We walked back around the other side of the mountain on the Camel Back side.  This road is named after a rock formation on the top of the mountain that you can see from there.  For 200 rupees we could have PAID to GET TO WALK up to see it closer.  We chose to just squint!  I got a fairly good picture with my camera zoom.  Can you see the camel’s head and hump?

We got a cab to ride back up the mountain to the school but stopped along the way to get a few groceries and give the material to the tailor.

I got home just in time to make the lemon lentil soup and buttermilk biscuits for craft night at Bethany’s.  (A group of staff who meet to work on crafts or teach each other crafts.  They rotate around to meet in different homes.)  Bethany is working on a teddy bear that is going to be awesome.  She has made one already.  It is patch worked and has twisting arms and legs.  Too bad I won’t be here long enough to learn how to make one, too.

I have a cough and am taking some medicine for it……I totally conked out! and missed the fun.

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