WORLD TRIP Day 16-Amsterdam!

I was able to get the airport without event and board the plane.  Oddly enough another passenger greeted with a friendly “hello”.  It took me a minute before I realized I had sat by their family on the way to Sarajevo from Amsterdam.  They were also returning from a 2 week stay.  Small world!

Daphne and Floor (exchange students of ours who are also sisters) met me at the airport.  It has been 5 years since I’ve seen Daphne and even longer since I’ve seen Floor.  what fun!  We talked for 11 hours straight!  Daphne has a house/studio apartment in a canal building right on the water (well, duh, that’s what a canal house is).  She remodeled it and it is amazing.  I am staying here for the night.  A taxi will take me to the airport in the morning and I’ll fly (8 hours) to Delhi.  Then spend the night in a hotel and take a train (7 or so hours) to Bethany’s.

After I dropped off my luggage at Daphne’s we went out for lunch at Wahem.  They ordered for me.  It was delicious.  Don’t remember what it is called but it is like a grilled cheese sandwich with ham and bacon in it, except the bread is coated in something.  Then a fried egg is on top and greens with pesto on the side.  I tried to get the recipe from the owner but she doesn’t do the cooking!  Imagine that!  And then there’s always coffee!  With a biscotti that was amazing.

We walked down to the Anne Frank house and went on the tour.  I had wanted to do that almost 20 years ago when I was in Amsterdam but it was closed!  What an amazing exhibit.  It really brought the reality of the events surrounding the holocaust home.  I also did not know that Anne’s sister, Margo, had written many diaries that were never found.  They did have some of her Latin homework.  She would do her work and send it to the tutor to grade and it would be returned to her.  Pictures that Anne had pasted to the walls were still there.  The stairwell IS very steep.  We walked by the church with the tower she so often saw when looking out the attic window.  I heard the church bell ringing and could only imagine Anne and her whole family listening. (Sorry I don’t have pictures.  Cameras are not allowed.)

We walked around some more and then back to the studio for a coffee and to look at pictures on my computer and on facebook.  (Daphne really needs to get with the times and get an account so she can be up to date with my family…..I say that because she promised to read my blog!)

   Then we had reservations at a very popular, traditional Dutch restaurant called “Mother’s”   The walls are covered with headshot pictures of moms.  The dishes, glasses, and silverware are all mismatched because when they opened people brought the dishes and such with them for their use.  It is always crowded and you have to have reservations to get in.  We each had something different.

   Daphne had the beef served in a pot with seasoned, shredded beets.  Floor had cod fish and carrots.  I had white asparagus and catfish.  Of course, there was dessert and coffee.

     We shared tastes of the cheesecake and the apple crumble.  Then a traditional tin of cookies were brought to the table, also.  The cookies were good.  The desserts looked better than they tasted (which helped to not eat it all!).

We walked through out the town before the meal and I took pictures of almost every food I saw.  One place had an interesting way to serve roasted chicken.  It is tightly stacked on a spit and sliced down the side of the stack.  (Hope that makes sense.) Daphne said it is in the states but I’ve never seen it.  She explained to the worker there what I was doing (taking food pictures all over the world) and he offered me a taste.  It (free) was actually better than the food I ordered later.

                                             One dessert place had the most varied cupcakes.  I had never seen cupcake pops.  Yummmm!

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About deairby

From a small Mississippi town and have lived my adult life in the south. I am the wife of Tom Irby since 1974, mother of 8, grandmother of 8, lover of Truth, previous owner of The Baron York Tea Room Cafe and Gift Shop (7 years), cookbook writer, moderator of the Small Business forum on Social Media Examiner, enjoy life and all the adventure God brings my way.
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9 Responses to WORLD TRIP Day 16-Amsterdam!

  1. Yosuke says:

    Dear Dea,
    Unfortunately I couldn’t have a chance to get know you this time, but I heard about the story from Floor. Your energitic traveling detail is enough to surprise me. Probably you would still be on your donkey to get to your daugeter. Have a safe trip and hopefully I could see you for the next time!

    Best regards,
    Yosuke Kagawa… aka…. josh

  2. Floor says:

    Hi Dea,
    I just read your lovely blog about our meet up in amsterdam. Once again it was great to have met after such a long time. We’ll have to make up for that messed up dinner meal for something new….next time! Enjoy the rest of your journey. The door is always open for you and your family in Amsterdam. Greetz Floor

  3. melea grace irby says:

    Where are you now? Are you in India yet?

  4. Daphne says:

    This is the dinosaur speaking ( doesn’t twitter/blog/skype/apple and other scarry media..) Aren’t you proud at me that I found you at the web..!

    Dea we had a wonderful time with you and after all those years Floor and I have come to the conclusion that you haven’t changed a bit!! Still CRAZY and so much energy, fun and talk talk talk mainly about food ha ha. Hope you arrived safely and continue with your journey having a wonderful time.


  5. Taylor Irby says:

    Looks interesting! I’m happy you made it safely 🙂 When I picked up the kids from vrtic today they said “Where’s Grandmarmee?” I told them you left and then Elijah said, “I don’t want Grandmarmee to leave, I like her.” 🙂 We miss you! Have a great time!

    Oh, and the meat on the stick shaved off is called a Doner Kebab. It’s the same meat they use to make Gyros. We have those here in Sarajevo, but it’s lamb meat.

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