I decided to make sure I get the facts right and copy and paste info from Wikipedia.  You can click on any of these links and find out more.

Split is the largest Dalmatian city, the second-largest urban centre in Croatia, and the seat of Split-Dalmatia County. The city is located on the shores of theMediterranean, more specifically on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, spreading over a central peninsula and its surroundings, with its metropolitan area including the many surrounding seaside towns as well. An intraregional transport hub, the city is a link to the numerous surrounding Adriatic islandsand the Apennine peninsula, as well as a popular tourist destination.

Split is also one of the oldest cities in the area, and is traditionally considered just over 1,700 years old, while archaeological research relating to the ancient Greek colony of Aspálathos (6th century BC) establishes the city as being several hundred years older. (wikipedia)

(To the left is the courtyard of the palace. To the right is the foyer of the palace.  This is where the emperor would receive visitors.)

After he nearly died of an illness, the Roman Emperor Diocletian (ruled AD 284 to 305), great reformer of the late Roman Empire, decided to retire from politics in AD 305.[3] The Emperor ordered work to begin on a retirement palace near his hometown, and since he was from the town of Dioclea he chose the harbor near Salona for the location. Work on the palace began in AD 293 in readiness for his retirement from politics. The palace was built as a massive structure, much like a Roman military fortress. It faces the sea on its south side, with its walls 170 to 200 meters (570 to 700 feet) long, and 15 to 20 meters (50 to 70 feet) high, enclosing an area of 38,000 m² (9½ acres).

bell tower

The bell tower from a distance. (L) View walking down inside from the top of the bell tower. (R)

We had an amazing day.  The weather was perfect!  We walked throughout the city, along the walls of the palace, out to the riva (which is the shore line) and then up the mountain.  While in the middle of the city, we climbed up to the top of the bell tower.  What a view!  You climb past the bells and I was hoping they would not ring!  Josh, Elijah and I stayed with the Brents and Michael joined us on our trek.  The city has recently renovated the shoreline.  The coffee shops are now uniformly lined up under a covering that is designed to look like a ship and benches and grass have been added.  I thought I was in Florida or on the French Riviera (not that I’ve been there.)

 Joshua showed me where he lived for two years (the back door).

We had lunch at one of the many restaurants.  I ordered the appetizer plate hoping to get a variety of tastes.  I did!  I had octopus and anchovies, cheese and prosciutto. Someone else there got a seafood pizza and I had to take a picture. (L) Notice the shells?  Here’s a close up of the octopus.

Brenda drove up to the mountain top and we then rode to other areas.  There are some wonderful parks and beaches.

There is a statue of a man named Ninski who translated the Bible into the local language.  It is very, very tall.  People come by and rub his toe.  See how shiny it is?

View out from the Brent’s second floor apartment.

This is a painting at the Brent’s.  A friend did the artwork from a photo of the shore.  Josh’s apartment was here.  The “frame” was from a neighbor who was renovating his house and throwing the shutters away.  Brenda (smart woman that she was) rescued it!

Other sites of the city:

View of the courtyard from the top of the bell tower. (upper left)  View of the bells while climbing down the stairs. (above) On the side of a building!  I believe this was put up for Goran Ivanisevic, The Wimbledon champion, 2001. (left)

Random balcony along the way (L)

A corner tower of the palace wall (R).


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