Passover Seder-shank bones, roots and all

Preparing for our annual family Messianic Passover Seder.  Just put the lamb in the oven.  Stabbed and stuffed with slivers of garlic and covered with coarse sea salt.

lamb roast with garlic studs and sea salt

Yummmmm.  Bake for a couple of hours, uncovered and bammm! Love it served with mint sauce.

The Ceremony calls for shank bones (one big one for the demo seder plate and little chicken ones for each person’s seder plate).  I’ve got to get more chicken thighs, more people are coming!

After the meat is cooked off the bones, they have to be roasted to a toasty brown.

chicken shank bones

Same with the lamb bone, so it has to be fixed early.

I bought the horseradish root yesterday.  Always love buying it.  The check out people never know what it is or even why I would want to pay money for it!

horseradish root

The Seder Plate

The eggs are boiled.  One will be broiled/roasted to go on the demo seder plate.

Also, celery, parsley and a dab of charoses (made last night and soaking in the wine) that represents brick mortar!

Now that sounds tasty!  It is actually one of my favorite dishes made of chopped apples, chopped pecans, chopped raisins, cinnamon and concord grape wine.

very close up of charoses

And, of course, we’ll have matzo bread, unleavened but slightly salted.

Well, this is just for the ceremony.  The meal is another ordeal!  That will come later.


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From a small Mississippi town and have lived my adult life in the south. I am the wife of Tom Irby since 1974, mother of 8, grandmother of 8, lover of Truth, previous owner of The Baron York Tea Room Cafe and Gift Shop (7 years), cookbook writer, moderator of the Small Business forum on Social Media Examiner, enjoy life and all the adventure God brings my way.
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2 Responses to Passover Seder-shank bones, roots and all

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    Good read , I’m going to spend more time learning about this subject Data Transformation

    • deairby says:

      Awesome! I hope to do a more in depth post about Passover in the spring. There is a lot of information online about everything involved as well as in books you can get at a bookstore or Have fun.

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