Their ‘frig made me cry…

To make sure I was on time for my jewelry party north of Jackson, MS on Thursday, I left home Wednesday night (when I finally finished all I had to do before leaving and then pack–aaarrrggghhh)  to get to the other side of Atlanta while I could.  My dear friends, whom I had called earlier Wednesday to see if the guest room was available after I got this great idea, live right off the interstate.  Perfect!  I hadn’t seen them in forever.  When did I think I’d arrive? (the question was asked early in the day) I’ll hopefully be there by 6:00PM.  I was only off about six hours. (I had dropped Melea off at school and gone to Cleveland-15 minutes one-way-to buy a bottle of fruit juice I needed for a batch of Baron York tea and get something for her lunch….then deliver the lunch….stop by WalMart for something -can’t remember now-…made the tea…tried at least 3 times to deliver the 4 bottles of tea that had been ordered…got my hair cut….went to the bank.. went to the post office….finished cleaning out the cafe….carried two freezers down the stairs…took two loads of “stuff” home to the garage…..picked Melea up from school… worked on getting the booth presentable..returned the key to my landlord….answered emails….prepared jewlery for trip…packed….) I had to call her cell phone to wake up my host so I could get in… sad.  She was able to stay half asleep, unlock the door and show me to my room, all in the dark.  (She didn’t want to hurt/wake up her eyes!)  It wasn’t until morning, after everyone had left for work really early, that I went into the kitchen.  There on their refrigerator were three prayer cards.  I teared up.  The first was of my oldest daughter and her family from their years in Brazil.  The second was of my son and his family who are now serving in Bosnia.  The third was my other son and his family who serve Campus Crusade in Indiana but travel all over the world.  These dear people are still close even though I haven’t seen them in years.  How awesome is the family of God!

About deairby

From a small Mississippi town and have lived my adult life in the south. I am the wife of Tom Irby since 1974, mother of 8, grandmother of 8, lover of Truth, previous owner of The Baron York Tea Room Cafe and Gift Shop (7 years), cookbook writer, moderator of the Small Business forum on Social Media Examiner, enjoy life and all the adventure God brings my way.
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1 Response to Their ‘frig made me cry…

  1. Taylor Irby says:

    Aww!!!! I miss you Dea!!!!!! Israel is SO excited you will be here for her birthday though. We will make sure it’s the best time EVER. I LOVE YOU!

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