Passport in!!!

What a day!  My passport came, almost finished filling out my visa app for India (just need Bethany’s India address), did a Premier Design Jewelry show this morning and packed and moved a LARGE amount to the booth and to home this afternoon/night.  

Sleep is sounding real good!!!  Just have to calm down from all the activity today….ooops, just remembered I need to cook and bake for tomorrow’s church lunch and prepare for another jewelry party!  Might try to stick in there some more work on the booth.

Many thanks to the hard working friends I had helping today…YOU ARE GREAT!!!

Sarah did a great job of packing and taking things off the wall.

Abby worked hard at taking down lights and matching lids and bowls……(one of my least favorite jobs ever).

Andrea and Wendall did a yeoman’s task with great expertise and attitude…what a blessing this family is.  Carrie was a blessing also.  And, Tom got a good workout.  Those stairs are killers!




Down in “the pit” waits a massive move,

Can there really be that much more to move?

but the Dailey’s dilligently delved into the deluge of (come on, help me think of a “d” word) dusty (no, don’t really like that choice), daunting delicacies and distinct ????? (I’ve checked my thesaurus and there is not a word for supplies or equipment or merchandise that starts with a “d”).

Precious packer!






All of the retail, I mean, every single little thing has to be priced.  Today when we took a load to the mill, I was told people wanted to buy some of my things but they weren’t tagged yet!  AAArrrrgggghhhh……….. where’s that clone machine when you need it?  I’m wondering if I should not put it all out and just have some things now.  Then I could restock with other items as the shelves begin to empty.

So, if there is anyone who is actually reading this…how about some feedback?  Do I only have a light amount of retail or do I overload and look plenteous (that’s the word I mean, right?)?

another view

side view








About deairby

From a small Mississippi town and have lived my adult life in the south. I am the wife of Tom Irby since 1974, mother of 8, grandmother of 8, lover of Truth, previous owner of The Baron York Tea Room Cafe and Gift Shop (7 years), cookbook writer, moderator of the Small Business forum on Social Media Examiner, enjoy life and all the adventure God brings my way.
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